"His next work addressed the experience of the city centre of Lima –the historical urban nucleus— through a very successful video-installation. It began in response to my demand to the group of 2007 graduates from the Sculpture Program at Universidad Católica, whom I had invited to exhibit together in a show at an independent art space I was then opening in the city centre to produce experimental work. Mr. Miranda Bambarén’s work involved the projection inside a tall cylindrical hermetic structure, within the art space, of an edited video of the experience of the external urban environment as one continuous displacement down the streets towards the exhibition space, and then, switching radically to an image of the viewer –in closed circuit– actually in the situation of watching the projection. A playful approach to the phenomenological through video-art."

Jorge Villacorta Chávez, Lima, 2010

Astral Travelling Machine, Plastified fabric cylinder: Height: 600 cm., Diameter: 200 cm. ; video projection: 2 mins | Lima 2008




Jaime Miranda Bambaren